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How To Secure Your Golden Years & Take Back Control Of Your Retirement

Discover How The Current Administration Will Change Social Security Forever And what You Can Do Today To Capitalize On It!

Secure Your Golden Years

Learn how you can achieve maximum retirement income and benefits while minimizing taxes and market risks



How to maximize your social security income

Learn how to get the most out of your Social Security benefits with our newly discovered tips and tricks.


How to get rid of your debt without spending an extra dollar

We will share the tools and steps you can take to pay off debt WITHOUT spending anything extra so that debt won't be a burden on your retirement plans.


Answer the "Are you ready to retire?" question

In this webinar will help you answer the "are you ready to retire?" question, so that you can be confident about making the right decisions and be financially prepared for retirement.


Use tax code like the wealthy to maximize your retirement income

Take advantage of tax laws and strategies that are typically used by wealthy people so you can keep more of your money working for you!

Meet Your Host

Jerry Whitmire is a financial professional, author and educator who helps people prepare for retirement by focusing on education and safe money solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Jerry started his own firm in 2011 to help clients maximize their financial potential by developing plans that fit their individual needs and goals!

Jerry has been in the safe money and income industry since 2005. His experience ranges from retirement planning, insurance, tax savings strategies, income planning, market arbitration, and estate preservation.

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